Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parties, parties, and more parties!

 Well this month I will be turning 26, my husband will be 28, and in April Caleb will be 5 and Carter will be 2. This month and next are gonna be crazy busy! So, just today I decided I better start thinking of some ideas for parties. My 4 year old originally told me he wanted a Super Mario party, but we were in Target the other day and he saw a monster pinata and now wants a monster party! I'm actually happy with his change of heart because it's a lot easier to make monsters than Mario LOL. Then I decided for my little one I would do a robot themed party. Easy enough!! I found some adorable party ideas that have inspired me.

Check them out here at Design Dazzle

 I will be busy BUSY for the next month and I will post pictures as I make things! Well, I'm so sleepy so think I'm gonna hit the sack early tonight. Night y'all :)

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